Blender-OSM (premium)


Blender-OSM (premium)


One click import of OpenStreetMap with textured buildings, forests, satellite imagery, terrain for Blender

In addition to the features of the base version, the premium one provides:

  • Import of buildings from OpenStreetMap with default materials, tileable building textures and UV-mapping applied
  • Default materials and textures to mimic lit windows for a late evening setting
  • Import of forests and single trees as 3D objects
  • An option to apply geometry nodes to OSM footprints to get realistic 3D buildings (more information)
  • Options to use custom tileable building textures, for example from textures.com (a tutorial
  • Satellite imagery and web maps projected on a terrain

Subsequent releases will include more details and variability for imported buildings and other features depending on user feedback.

Important notice: the addon does not provide real textures for each imported building!

Important notice: export of textures is available as an experimental feature.

At the moment only one low-polygon model of a tree is provided with the addon. It's possible to use custom tree models for imported forests and single trees.

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