Blosm for Blender: Google 3D cities, OpenStreetMap, terrain

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Blosm for Blender, formerly known as Blender-OSM. Import of Google 3D cities, OpenStreetMap, terrain. Global coverage.

You can enter zero in the prices field to get the addon for free. We would appreciate a donation. Please consider a larger donation if you use the addon at work.

Take look at the premium version! It provides the features of the base version listed below and more!

Feature of the base version:

  • The addon imports Google 3D cities as described here.
  • The addon imports buildings from OpenStreetMap. Building height and number of floors are used to create the final scene. Composition into 3D parts for a building with the complex structure is also processed. A large number of roof shapes is supported. If a terrain is provided, buildings are placed on the terrain automatically.
  • The addon downloads and imports real world terrain data with resolution about 30 meter.
  • An option to apply geometry nodes to OSM footprints to get realistic 3D buildings (more information).
  • The addon can import GPX-tracks and project them on the terrain.
  • River, lakes, forests, vegetation are imported as polygons. If a terrain is provided, they are projected on the terrain.
  • Imported roads, paths and railways have width. They are represented by Blender curves with a profile object. If a terrain is provided, roads are projected on the terrain.

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Blosm for Blender: Google 3D cities, OpenStreetMap, terrain

764 ratings
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